Promotional items are the oldest form of marketing a company or a product. In fact, many American businesses spend millions of dollars in giving away their most effective promotional items.

But, what items should you consider in promoting your business? Bear in mind that not all corporate gifts will have the potential to advertise your brand.

To make sure that your items won’t end up in the trash, take a look at the possible items you can use to raise awareness of your company and convert receivers to customers.

1. Pens

They’re the most effective promotional items because they can easily communicate with your potential clients. We use pens for writing, right?

And when people use your pens, the information on them will stick in their head. These promotional items will find multiple owners over their lifetime when users swap them.

Their effects are like word-of-mouth.

2. Bags

As long as they’re functional, people will use them. They can be used to carry their laptop or other stuff.

Bags as promotional items are effective especially to students. If your business caters to this group of people, then you should consider bags as the most effective promotional items. These students love free bags that they can tote their supplies in around the campus.

3. Shirts

When your receivers wear them, they can be transformed into walking billboards.

But, don’t just produce shirts.

Make sure that they are of high quality so they can survive in multiple washings. If they’re made of low grade materials, no one would wear them.

Then, make sure that the graphics and printing quality of the shirts are top notch.

4. Drink Ware

They can be travel mugs, tumblers and water bottles. No matter what they are, they can be very useful.

Still, you must make sure that they’re of great quality. They must be made of exceptional materials so they’ll stick around for a long period of time.

If you distribute free mugs as promotional items, people would surely use them every day, even though they don’t drink coffee. They’ll use them to drink tea or water, instead. They can also be used as a pen holder.

As long as your drink ware is functional, people will keep it. The longevity of drink ware makes it as one of the most effective promotional items that you can use for your company or business.