Offset Printing vs. Digital Printing

The design and printing industries have always been complex. These are considered multilayered industries. A good design doesn’t end when a draft is approved or delivered. It doesn’t end when ink reaches the paper or when design is printed on a material. It usually takes a lot of steps and layers before one can finally say the design is good and effective.

Design’s implementation must be given a lot of thought. Extra care must be put into it if you want to achieve success and gain maximum effects from the design. Part of implementation of a good design is printing. The questions about what stock or what finish, or should we use offset or digital printing—these usually arise during this particular phase. There are so many choices now: wide format printing, offset printing, waterless printing, or digital printing among others.

Digital printing has changed over the years. Printing companies used to depend on high volume of orders. People are now demanding more personalization and customization. It has become more popular because of many factors: availability of more options, technical advancements, and increased affordability.

So should you use digital or offset printing? Your answer depends on your needs, the company’s goals, and the function of the printed material. However, understanding both the advantages and disadvantages of offset printing versus digital printing is very crucial in making the right choice for your printing needs.

Let’s compare the two:

offset printing digital printing table of comparison

Some people may prefer in-house digital printing but it can be more practical to use professional printing services. For businesses and companies, offset printing is more cost-effective.

To help you decide which type of printing is better, you need to identify the quantity you need, the printing medium, check the color, check the Pantone, know the turnaround, check proofing, and know which one allows more customization.

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