A Look Into the Digital Printing Business

Another year is here. New forecast and trends in the printing industry are expected to be revealed in the next few days or weeks. Companies have started to plan their marketing strategies especially when it comes to traditional advertising.

Here’s another year of hope amidst uncertainty and competition in the print market. Anyone can make projections about the various print dynamics, economy, profits, or shipments but the success of any company for 2015 will depend on their action plans. It is imperative that brands look back and review their performance and numbers this past year and change whatever needs to be corrected or improved. The key is to learn from the past and plan for the future.

Some industries may have experienced little growth in the past year with businesses and consumers spending less but the digital print industry continues to see growth. However, there’s been a slight shift. The market for digital print products continues to change. Before, printing companies would depend on high volume production orders but now, more people are demanding smaller volumes that are customized according to the requirements of the consumers. There’s a move to personalize media, thanks to digital printing.

Digital printing is affordable. With the numerous print shops like Printing Specialists, custom promotional products and marketing are more affordable and more feasible. Digital printers make it easier to receive high-quality print wall graphics, avail of wide format printing services, and produce highly personalized direct marketing materials. Personal printers are not as relevant since professional printing services are affordable. It’s more practical to have materials printed from professional print shops like Printing Speciliasts.

Traditional printing business may be declining but digital printing is on. Offset and digital printing volume will only increase as technology improves. Despite businesses turning to the Internet to reach the “digital” market, there is still a demand for actual printed materials to be used for marketing.

There is no doubt that digital printing business is still growing. It may be facing some structural changes but it is here to stay. It will only evolve as technology progresses.

We have yet to know the trends that will dominate in the print business. We remain committed to be on the cutting edge of print and look forward to serving our clients and their brands.



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