Why Wide Format Printing is Popular

Wide format printing has fast became a standard in the printing business ever since computers and personal printers were introduced. While desktop printers are still relevant, wide format printers are more preferred for posters, banners, wallpapers, murals, or wall graphics that are supposed to be larger in size. Any material with a width of 24-inches is already considered wide format (large format) and those sized over 100-inch wide are considered as grand or super wide format.

Wide format is a powerful medium that can show off your company in a very big way. Posters, window and floor graphics, and banners could help a person or company to get noticed by a wider audience. Some type of wide format materials Printing Specialists can create include banners, pull-up displays, wall graphics, table covers, vehicle graphics, A-Frames, window graphics, canvas prints, floor graphics, dry erase boards, easel display, mounted boards, and printed tablecloths.

More businesses are choosing wide format for their advertising needs because you can have the graphic, design, size, and color you want. Wide format offers a lot of benefits, one of which is fine printed results that will satisfy the client.

Here are some more benefits of wide format printing:


A wide format printer will result to a printed material that displays very distinguishable text from the graphics. Details are clear on wide format because the printer can print large documents.


Printing is fast. You can print an average of 15 standard sized posters within an hour. The speed of a wide format printer is impressive. It features bi-directional printing and six print heads to print more in less time.


Wide format printing is consistent. What you see on the computer screen, you will also see on the printed material. Colors are consistent and details are very clear.


Since costs of ink are going down, more companies offer wide format printing service for a lower price. It is more affordable than ever, with quality also improving.


Aside from being affordable, this type of printing is accessible. Cost of initial investment by a printing service provider is low, making it accessible to most people.

Wide format printing is relevant in the advertising industry today. Potential clients will always notice printed materials in larger format. If you are marketing your professional services or your company, you may want to consider wide format as a medium. It’s easy to design, affordable, and can last a long time. It’s powerful too, so consider wide format for your next printing needs.


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