Are Personal Printers Still Relevant

Owning a personal printer was very convenient in the early days of the Dot-Com Boom. Having your own printer meant you could print and publish any material. During those times, being creative also meant to be able to produce and print your work for the world to see.

Technology had evolved so much. Printing technology has advanced in many ways that it’s easier, faster, and cheaper to produce high-quality prints. Printers today come in different scales and sizes and are used in many different industries.

Personal printers aka desktop printers are no longer expensive to buy. They are found in most stores and homes. Almost everyone who owns a computer also owns a printer. Because of the advancements in modern technology, more people have gone digital. As a result, the need to print materials and use of paper is reduced.

More and more people prefer to read materials “electronically”. The introduction of e-books, smartphones, and tablets has made it easier for people to switch to digital forms. For some people, a personal printer is no longer a necessity.


True Cost of Printing

Owning a printer at home is no longer practical. Printers can be very cheap but they can be costly through time. The purchase price of a printer is only a small fraction of the cost of owning one, as the ink needs to be refilled. And then there’s the cost of paper that needs to be replaced every time too.

The cost of ink, toner, and paper will add up over time. It can be convenient to have a printer at home or in the office but there are ways to reduce cost. For homes or offices that have a lot of people using the same printer, it may be more ideal to buy a copier or a professional printer from a dealer.

Having documents printed from a reliable print shop like Printing Specialists can be more practical too. Going to a print shop guarantees high-quality prints with the right colors and at a very low cost. Instead of printing your own materials at home, it is now more cost-effective to go to a supplier. Prints are better quality too because professional printers are used.

This question now arises: Are personal printers still relevant? Not really. There may be people who would prefer to print documents and graphics on their own but the smarter way is to have them printed by a reliable supplier. Companies like Printing Specialists offer various printing services for every need.

Here are other reasons why it’s more practical to use professional printing services:

  • Personal printers may be inexpensive but maintaining them can be costly. There are ink cartridges and papers to buy.
  • When a printer breaks down, having it fixed will cost a lot. It doesn’t make sense to repair, as a new printer will be cheaper.
  • Printers have a short lifespan
  • Cost of paper, ink, and toner will add up over time. The total could be ten times the original price of the equipment.
  • Deskjet/inkjet printers don’t always work. One reason is cartridge nozzles get clogged when they are not continually used. Ink cartridges not consumed regularly dry up quickly.