Best Promotional Products in 2014

What are the best promotional products that companies use? There are a lot of mediums that work fine but only a few can be considered the best and most effective. Printing Specialists has been in the business for many years and we’re glad to have helped individuals and companies advance their brands using some of our promotional products.

This full-service printing company can print on various promotional products that will help advertise your company. Printing Specialists only provides high-quality printed materials, creative graphic design, display graphics, and of course, the best promotional products.

Here are some of the most effective promotional products that are trending this 2014:


We’ve already listed 5 Benefits of Promotional Pens a few weeks back. Promo pens are by far the cheapest and cost-effective marketing strategy a brand that wants to go far can use. Why, a pen is very useful and cost only very little. It offers free advertising and easy recall for potential clients and customers of your brand.


Advertising using a promotional product like a T-Shirt can be very effective because the wearer can go many places. Just like promotional pens, promotional T-shirts (or any other clothing item) are easy to make, distribute, and use.

Promotional T-shirts are usually given away for free to clients and consumers with the aim of positively influencing attitudes toward the marketer or one’s purchasing power.

According to the ‘Global Advertising Specialties Impressions Study’ by the Advertising Specialty Institute, T-shirts are some of the top promotional items received by the respondents. Promo shirts usually include a message from the advertiser or the company’s logo. Anyone who sees wearing the T-shirt will be drawn to the message and can remember the brand’s logo. A lot of people will agree that a T-shirt is a “walking billboard”.


Mugs are common but cups are fast becoming a popular trend this year. With the society’s effort to “go green”, more and more people are becoming more conscious of using disposable cups for drinking. People have started to bring their own reusable cups or bottles so they can bring their beverage anywhere with them. No need to buy water bottles if you can bring your own cup.

There are various promotional cups available but each style offers cost-effective advertising for company or individual. Custom printed promotional cups are always useful, easy to design, cheap to make, and will last a long time.


Custom self-inking stamps are pretty useful for every business or individual who needs them. You can choose any shape, size, and color that you thing will catch the attention of people and hopefully, turn them into potential clients and customers.

Custom stamps can be used in any business process whether you are marking invoices, signing contracts, and paying bills. Self-inking stamps are also easy to design, make, and use. They are effective and affordable. A single custom-printed stamp alone can be used for more than a thousand impressions.

Send any message across with a custom self-inking stamp. It’s also a great alternative to printing because you can simply stamp your logo, slogan, or message on any surface.

There are more ways to advertise and a lot of promotional products to use but pens, t-shirts, cups, and self-inking stamps are four of the best marketing tools. They are used in many industries and have already proven their effectiveness in the area of advertising.

For all your custom printing needs, try Printing Specialists and we’ll help you increase your sales with our promotional products.

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