6 Reasons Why Business Cards Still Matter

Do business cards still matter in this digital age? Why use business cards? These are only some of the questions being asked by people who want to expand their businesses.

Some people would say that business cards don’t matter because you can easily share contact information digitally. There’s also the Internet and social media that are widely utilized in marketing. But business cards are still highly important. That small piece of card you give to new people you meet or swap at different occasions can be your ticket to getting more clients and business opportunities. For some, giving away a business card to a potential employer might open new doors.

Business cards may be small but they are critical to the expansion and development of a business or career. Here are some more reasons why having a business card is important:

    Business cards, especially those from Printing Specialists, are inexpensive to produce. These small cards are a cost-effective marketing tool for any company or profession. For a few dollars, a printing specialist or supplier can make hundreds of business cards for you.
    Because of its small size, a business card or a stack of business cards is easy to bring with you anywhere. Just save a few copies on your wallet or pocket and you can freely give them anytime you need to share contact information.
    Business cards are portable, therefore, also easy to distribute. Bring them everywhere you go, whether at a business meeting, conference, or a tradeshow. You can easily establish contacts with business cards simply by giving them away.
    Handing out a business card when you meet a new person for the first time can make a good impression. As part of your introduction, give the person an attractive business card containing all-important information about you: your name, contact number, email address, website, expertise or services offered, and office address.
    Having a business card can enhance credibility because it shows legitimacy and gives a professional image of your business. You must make a mark on your initial meeting by giving an eye-catching but professional business card. The other person can easily remember you even after your first meeting if the business card is one of a kind.
    Like any business, it is essential that you build your brand. Presenting materials that can easily be identified can help establish a brand. Your logo and marketing slogan included on your business card will help reinforce your brand. However, make sure you incorporate the company’s logo and style with the design of the business card for branding consistency.

A business card can be a powerful marketing weapon. Having one is just some one the many ways a business can attract customers. A business card may be a small piece of paper but it’s one of the most personal and most effective statements anyone can say in the business world.

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