5 Benefits of Promotional Pens

One of the more popular promotional items used for marketing a brand is a custom pen. Together with custom tote bags and wearables like caps, shirts, and jackets, promotional pens are functional. Everyone uses a pen almost everyday so receiving a new pen is always a good thing.

Promo pens with the name and logo of the brand printed are quite popular and have been one of the most effective advertising gimmicks anywhere in the world. Just hand the person a pen and he’ll use it for many purposes. He’d be able to see your brand every time he uses the pen.

Try giving away promotional pens. They are cheap and cost-effective but they will keep on “advertising” your company. It’s a tried and tested formula in brand marketing awareness campaigns.

Here are some more benefits of promotional pens:

Pens are very useful. People say that an average pen has seven different users. Some people borrow and don’t return pens so it means more people can be exposed to a brand, making pens as great freebies.

It won’t cost your company a lot of money to have promotional pens made. They cost very little and are very easy to give out. A pen costs only a few cents so it’s a no-brainer to try out promotional pens.

Because pens are often borrowed, they can go “anywhere”. You don’t know where they will end up. It’s free advertising for your business even if some pens will reach non-targets.

Promo pens are available in different styles depending on your marketing needs. You can choose from plastic pens to more expensive pens to give out. Pens are also available in different shapes and sizes while some are fun and follow a certain theme.

Promotional pens include the name and logo of your brand. Whoever receives the pen will see your brand every time he uses it. Some people would be interested to know what is written on the pen or its brand so they’d check it out. Unlike business cards that sometimes end up in the garbage, people won’t just throw a pen.

Purchasing promotional pens are highly recommended. Printing Specialists can make custom promo pens for your brand. They can connect you with potential customers, as well as, help your company make an impression.