Offset & Digital Print

Offset printing delivers the utmost in quality and cost effectiveness for any budget.
The correct pairing of ink and paper with the right graphics and message makes this a powerful medium.

There are advantages of having your jobs printed offset, as on a printing press, versus digitally printed. If you have specific colors, we can match them using spot PMS colors. If your job is a fairly long run, printing offset brings your cost per piece down. Some specialty stock that won’t run through a digital press will be able to print offset.

If you are looking for the best quality print our DI Press offers, direct to plate imaging for perfect registration from the first sheet. Vibrant full color waterless printing, delivering a more consistent color throughout the print run and at a larger color gamut.

Offset printing also offers excellent registration to sheet, which is what you need if you are planning to have speciality binding or finishing. For example; foil, embossing, numbering or special scoring may require tight registration.

We look at each project brought to us and discuss the best options, ensuring great quality at a reasonable price.

Digital printing, usually toner based, is fast turn-a-round and high-quality.
Our equipment is production quality, able to handle thick stocks and print 12 x 18 with bleeds on a variety of stocks.

Digital printing has increased in popularity over the years over offset printing because of how fast you can get the product printed and shipped. With digital printing you don’t have to wait for ink to dry, the prints come out immediately and adjustments are easy to make. Paper suppliers make their media compatible with popular digital presses so you can match media with your offset printed pieces.

With the use of the internet and websites, companies don’t have need to store large quantities of brochures or catalogs, but there is still a need for physical pieces to hand out at sales calls and meeting. With digital printing we can print a small quantity of your product allowing changes to be made quickly and easily.

Variable data used in mailing and speciality marketing pieces can easily be done a digital press. Here at Printing Specialists we use variable data for; temporary name tags, personalized marketing, mailing addresses, wedding invitation, custom labels and much more.

Common Printed Products

  • Envelopes
  • Carbonless Forms
  • Business Cards
  • Brochures
  • Business Cards
  • Flyers
  • Postcards
  • Catalogs