Face Shield

As the Coronavirus Pandemic makes its way across the country. We see our healthcare and essential workers struggling for supplies, Printing Specialists has come up with a simple design for face shields that we can manufacture with our equipment. Our face shields are available for immediate order through our web ordering site. You can also contact us to place an order. While we love to be able to donate at no charge, we cannot afford to do so. We are selling these to keep our people working and to help our community. Our price covers the supplies and labor required to assemble and ship. All face masks will ship via FedEx, you have the option of no contact pick-up and can pay securely through the web site. As of this posting we have masks in stock and are ready to ship.

How they are made
We are using our own equipment and employees to assemble the face masks. We ordered large and small sheets of clear plastic media, which we cut on our CNC machine or laser machine. The simple design has a rounded base and slots in the top. We adhere a 1″ thick piece of foam to make these as comfortable as possible. Then attach either, a strip of elastic band or a cut to shape strip of poly adjustable strap. We will box these and ship flat. There is no assembly required.


  • Custom cut from clear plastic
  • 1″ foam strip is attached to the top to protect your forehead
  • Choose from an elastic strap or an adjustable strap
  • Only $5.00 each.
  • Order as low as one or up to 500.

Please share and comment this product, we would like to get the word out to support those in need.  You can purchase some face masks for your local healthcare workers or essential service workers and donate them. We are working on other items to help out in the crisis and would love to hear your ideas or suggestions.

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