4 Ways to Make Custom Printed Wall Graphics More Effective

By |2017-06-28T16:47:14-07:00September 9th, 2014|design, Marketing, Wide Format|

Businesses choose to have custom printed wall graphics for many reasons. Such advertising material can be more effective if done the right way. Here are four(4) ways how to make printed wall graphics more effective for marketing: 1. Know Placement Custom Printed Wall Graphics can be more effective with the proper placement. Where you place [...]

Printed Wallpaper

By |2017-06-28T16:47:14-07:00November 4th, 2013|products, Wide Format|

Custom Printed Wallpaper One of the great products we offer here is printed wallpaper. There are a few different types of media that can be used for wall-paper. One of the easiest to install and remove is HP PVC Free wallpaper. This wallpaper comes pre-glued with water activated adhesive. It goes up easy and comes [...]

Sign Expo

By |2017-06-28T16:47:16-07:00April 5th, 2013|Wide Format|

We had a successfully day yesterday at the International Sign Expo in Las Vegas. Why are we here? We are always looking at ways to improve what we do. To not only make the work easier and more profitable for us, but to improve the quality for our customers. We are considering replacing our wide [...]

Installing a car window graphic

By |2014-09-29T16:20:19-07:00March 15th, 2013|Tutorial, Wide Format|

If you have purchased a car window graphic from us here is decent instructional video on how to install. We want to thank sign grafx for the video. Here are some typed out instructions to help you install your graphic. make sure it fits tape it down and leave some tape on the car so [...]

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