A printed table cloth is more than just a piece of decoration. It’s an effective advertising tool. When you see a table cloth with a company logo printed on it, you cannot help but take a second look.

Get Noticed

There is no better way to get your company noticed than by using printed emblems on throws or linens at promotional gatherings, such as trade shows or conventions. Custom table covers & skirts can have eye-catching text with many color choices or even full color graphics. The vivid cloths displays are ideal for use in an exhibit booth or at various functions where you want people to remember the name of your business and how professional advertising drapes looked on tabletops. The tablecloths & runners with logos come in several sizes and styles, like stretch and free-flowing, so that all businesses have the ability to afford promotional advertising on fabric. Custom table covers for rectangular tabletops are typically seen in trade show booths or at job fairs. Any company, like restaurants, bars, churches or schools, can use the throws to increase their customer traffic or personal presence in the community. These affordable printed tablecloths & runners are durable and perfect for a vendor or busy organization that needs to use them over and over at the many events they attend.


Tablecloths can be really versatile and always have a place in any public event. It can be used at local fairs, parades to show that your company supports the community. Schools can utilize them during open houses and graduations.


Trade shows are a given for the use of the tablecloth covers and skirts because vendors cannot be everywhere in their booth at the same time. Using a covering will make sure that customers know your business name. Bring in more passersby with the use of the coverings on your yard or porch so everyone sees how much fun your customers have.