Tshirt designs can be your outlet for creativity. You can hire a t-shirt printing company in Tempe, AZ to have your design printed.

In 2014, people have seen several trends based on various subjects, from TV shows to parody to gaming. These themes may still around in 2015 but some fresh ideas will also blossom.

Let’s take a look at the latest t-shirt designs that may be a big hit in 2015.

1. Symbols

Symbolic designs for t-shirts design are getting popular. Expect to see shirts with symbols and signs.

These designs can be a part of a fan base community. You’ll also see illuminati logos, religious symbols and similar designs growing in popularity in 2015.

2. Tribal art

It involves intricate lines. You’ll also see t-shirt design trend that portrays the beauty of Celtic art and tribal art. Although this design has been a popular trend in the past, it’s coming back.

3. Wider neckline

Another trend that’s getting popular is the emphasis on collar and neckline, regardless of the design of the shirt. In 2015, expect to see more shirts with larger or wider neckline.

4.  Crewneck

T-shirt printing businesses receive plenty of orders on crewnecks in 2015. Most people who love to wear t-shirt are now ditching their hoods and going for a more traditional crewneck sweatshirt with great designs on front. Rap icons are the first ones to popularize this trend.

5. Sayings

You’ll also see a lot of t-shirts with sayings and slogans in them. T-shirts with sayings are making statemenst. They’re usually used to give references and ideas.

6. Thinner hoodie

T-shirts that are based on hoodies with popular themes may also succeed in 2015. One of the reasons is that they’re cheaper and they offer a softer and slimmer fit.

7. Animals and nature

T-shirt printing designs are also about animals and nature in 2015. It’s a trending design that pushes and/or advertises about the global crisis that we’re facing. This trend won’t fade easily considering the climate change topics that is occurring.

You may follow these trends for you next t-shirt printing projects. But make sure that you’re using a great printer for your designs.