There’s probably one advertising pen lying on your table right now.

Despite the many channels that you can use to advertise your company, the free advertising pens can still be used as an effective way to promote your company and attract new clients.

The great thing about free advertising pens is that they’re cost effective and can cover extremely large audience.

Need more proof to prove that advertising pens will work in marketing your business? We listed five reasons below.

1. Draw attention

They open a line of great communication to your potential clients. This is especially true if you’re participating in a trade-show. They can increase traffic to your booth, hence, increase awareness to your product or company.

2. Can stay for a long time

TV ads can run only for a few weeks or months. The moment your commercial is gone, people may forget about it.

But free advertising pens can continue marketing your company for an unlimited amount of time.

Advertising pens aren’t expensive but they’re extremely useful, despite the popularity of smartphones and tablets. People still use pens for their everyday lives making your advertising pens available for long-term exposure.

3. Cheap

Compared to radio ads or TV ads, producing free advertising pens with your company’s logo in it is cheap and cost-effective. You can order in bulk to further lower the cost.

4. Can be easily distributed

You can hand them to people during employee meetings, supplier gatherings, etc. When someone needs a pen, you hand it to him/her and let him/her keep it.

They remain in your customer’s mind and desk long after your official product campaign is over.

5. Offer value

Compared to promotional flyers, free advertising pens aren’t easily ignored or thrown away by customers.


It’s simply because they’re pens. They offer value as customers will use them in their daily activities.

Even though advertising pens are effective way to market your product or company, it’s still important to make an attractive design and ensure that it includes your business name. Each time people receive one and use your pen, they’ll be reminded about your company and your services.

The people you’re distributing the advertising pens to may not avail your services immediately after handling the pens to them. But, if they need one of your products/services, your company might be the first one on their list.