No matter how simple business cards are, they can still help in starting a conversation because of their unique way of making personal connections with potential clients to generate leads.

But how are you going to optimize the space of that tiny paper canvas to make sure that your calling cards stand out from the crowd?

Here are some tips.

1. Use bold colors

Some business card printing companies would using bold colors or opt for vibrant accents. You may also choose to use different colors for every card.

2. Include social media

Make sure that you highlight your social media pages, like your Facebook page, YouTube channel, Pinterest, etc. Most business cards in the USA contain social channels that are active and relevant to their business.

3. Put images

Popular business card printing companies would suggest using images or graphics, in addition to the logo of your company or business. The graphics can include photos from your social media channels showing your products, the people behind your company, etc.

4. Emboss it

This is another great way for your business cards to stand out from the crowd. Embossing is a popular method of business card printing for business cards in the USA that can add classy look to your calling cards. It can also give your business cards a sophisticated look, despite your simple logo.

Apart from embossing, you should also consider getting a glossy finish to add a smooth and tactile feel to your business cards.

What it will do?

It makes the receiver run his/her thumb across your card. Now, it’ll spark curiosity. He/she will likely to keep it.

Other ways to make your business cards shine

In addition to those four tips mentioned above, it’s also essential that your business cards arouse curiosity through words.

But don’t go overboard.

Make sure that the words or phrases you’ll use are short and sweet.

Then, you can use unique materials, instead of sticking to paper. They can surely spark curiosity and make your calling cards really stand out. This option can be a bit pricey, from a traditional material used for business card printing. However, if you have an extra cash, then going for it is a good place to spend your extra money.

What unique materials you can use? They can vary depending on the type of business you’re promoting.