You Are More Than Just Your Logo Part Two

. Longevity. Moody and Regan, a printing company in Waltham, Massachusetts, wisely and impressively uses as its tag line, “Established 1898.” You can profitably incorporate that into your image Whenever you’ve been around much longer than competitors. Which brand “tastes good like a cigarette should”? What product are you not supposed to “leave home without […]

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You Are More Than Just Your Logo Part One

Don’t let this convenient term mislead you into believing that a company’s identity consists of merely the logo and look. No, every company has an identity or image in the minds of its customers comprised of at least nine other factors besides the graphic look. How your market perceives your company should be deliberate, coherent […]

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silver on grey

silver cut vinyl wall graphic

Take a look at these awesome cut vinyl graphics we have been creating. These are cut out of silver vinyl material. The graphic is so large that we have split it into many panels, and the installer has to put them back together as it’s installed. Installation by Diversified Wall Coverings.

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Four Reasons You Still Need Traditional Print

Printing. It’s a word that one might think on a decline when thinking about promoting your business. With the hustle and bustle of the “online” in today’s day and age, one might easily wonder where the traditional print fits in. But fear not! The value of print isn’t going anywhere, and it’s still a great […]

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No power

There is a power outage in our area, no phones either. We should be back up around two. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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Refresh and Recharge Contest

Win a Vacation and 3 Months Free Advertising Could you use a REFRESHING 7-night Florida vacation and Bahamas cruise, and a 3 month radio advertising campaign to RECHARGE your business…ALL FREE? During the month of June 2015, Printing Specialists would like to show our appreciation for new customers by giving them a chance to Refresh […]

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Tips in Creating a Business Card That Stands Out

Though the business card might be simple, it does however aid in starting up a conversation due to its really unique way of creating personal connections with prospective clients in generating leads. The question now is, how does one really optimize the little space available in that paper canvas to ensure that your calling card […]

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